The organization of Unlimited 2020 offers a list of hotels, including accommodation and breakfast, among which you will be able to choose from when you register. The availability of the hotels will be on a  first-come first-served basis.

For those under 35 years old that register through Next Generation with the reduced price hotels option, the allocation in the hotels will be done by the organization.

The selected hotels for the attendees to the 9th World WAGF Congress are the following:

Nuevo Madrid Hotel Florida Norte Hotel
Tryp Alameda Hotel Melia Barajas Hotel
Nuevo Boston Hotel Hilton Barajas Hotel
Compostela Suites (Families only)

The attendees are free to find their own accommodation independently of the selection offered by the organization.


There will be possibilities for accommodation with children in some of the hotels. In the registration form, indicate the number of children and their ages, and the available hotel options will display.

Children will have a reduced price in the different services of the Congress. There will a special program for children during the Congress.

  • The Children category includes the ages from 3 to 12 years old.
  • Children under 3 years old do not require registration, and there is no special program for them.
  • Teenagers over 12 years old may register through Next Generation at a reduced price of 45 €.


If you are coming as a group and would like accommodation at the same hotel, or have any other specific needs as a group, contact the organization at


The organization offers a limited number of meals from the 19th  to the 21st, which you will able to book choosing the Registration Packages 2 or 3.

This service include 3 lunches and 3 picnic-dinners from Caja Mágica’s catering, which will take place at the Congress Venue.

If you prefer not to book the meals offered, the area surrounding Caja Mágica has a variety of cafeterias and restaurants, from fast-food chains to restaurant menus, at approximately 10’ walking. Among them you can find:

La Posada de Coti (grill) El Sabor Milagreño (Latin-American)
La Cabaña Asador (grill) Restaurante K7 (Mediterranean)
El Rancho (Argentinian) Restaurante Jiménez (Chinese)
Kebab Armenia (fast food)

If you have a car, there is the option of going to a mall 15’ driving from Caja Mágica, or driving to other places in town.




The Congress will close with an evangelistic musical of great quality centered on Jesus’ Life. This is a great opportunity to invite people to discover the life and the heart of the Saviour.

This event will be opened to the public and will require an entrance fee of 5 € that will be donated to a goodwill cause.

You can book your ticket when you register to the Congress (indicating so in the appropriate checkbox of the registration form), or you can book it separately at the musical website.

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