The WAGF Next Generation Commission (WAGF NGC) exists to transfer Spirit-empowered passion to children and youth, to create interactive relational environments for national/regional/global leaders, and to form strategic partnerships among existing and emerging networks to strengthen the future of the Assemblies of God.


The WAGF NGC postures itself in honor to thank God for what He has done through the spiritual fathers and mothers as well as anticipate what He will do through the sons and daughters. We affirm the need for intentionality to undergird how the WAGF stewards leadership transition and to provide space for intergenerational dialogue, prayer, and ministry. We affirm the need for local and national churches to prioritize preaching and demonstrating the full Gospel to children and youth.


  1. A functioning youth and children’s program in every general council.
  2. A measurable increase in children and youth in WAGF churches globally.
  3. To create a space for dialogue, prayer, ministry, and strategic partnership at each Triennial WAGF Global Congress.
  4. To serve as a resource for Pentecostal next-gen discipleship, networks, and contacts to the WAGF and affiliated national churches.
  5. To be a sustainable pipeline of future ministers, church planters, and missionaries in WAGF general councils.


Heath Adamson

Chairman / North America

Gerald Tan

Asia Pacífico

Hector Escobar


Jules Campaore


Valson Varghese


Randall Hernandez

America Latina